ATENA // Decorative Pillow 50x50

SKU: CU001-55-N


Square Decorative Pillow. When you are looking for something refined, the ATENA pillow is for you. It can really make a sofa or bed unique. It has a size of 50x50cm and can be easily combined with other Athena cushions. The front with 4 sectors gives the right chromatic balance and has been specially designed to be combined with a great variety of colors and shades.

• Dimensions: 50x50cm
• Lining Material: 55% Viscose, 24% Linen, 21% Cotton, (Side 1); pure cotton (Side 2)
• Padding material: 67% goose down, 33% foam rubber
• Model: ATENA Square 50
• Color: gray, beige

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