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SYLVIE // Paper & Velvet Star Tree Accessories (8 pieces)

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€38 €44,70


- This set of 4 soft snowflakes has beautiful natural colours that give a cosy and elegant look. These simple ornaments add the perfect touch of style to any room and will bring the right Christmas spirit to your home. ( Dia. 14,5cm )

-  Our Carla Paper decorative pendant are classic honeycomb ornaments. This younger, more playful version has 4 unconventional colors. The pendants, available in a set of 4, remind of Christmas walks through snowy little towns.
Classically, they are hung on the window or on the Christmas tree - but the accordion paper ornaments are just as beautiful on a decorative tray with an Advent wreath. ( Dia. 10cm x H 21cm )

Care Carefully dust with feather duster or soft cloth

[This item ships within 1 week.]

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