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Home is a feeling

Art of loving

Everything should come from passion and love for something. Yet you often have to transform your life to follow this passion and this is not easy.

Among Nemori's aims is precisely to put our skills together and do so to help you in the composition of your home with a contemporary but timeless style.

Experience of joy

The experience of joy is what we feel when we return from a long trip, for vacation or for work. When we walk through the door and think: how beautiful my house is and how happy I am to be back.

Here at Nemori we think that the atmosphere you breathe, the order and balance between colors and textures play an important role in this sensation.

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Our story

NEMORI was born from the idea of ​​Debora and Andrea, in particular from their passion and experience in the field of Interior Design, architecture, design and construction in general.

Transparency and Sustainability

We could talk for hours about the importance of this aspect in the era in which we live. We like to do it concretely. Click here to find out more.