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Transparency and Sustainability

Our commitment

We could talk about sustainability for hours, but first of all, we like to introduce this topic by talking about transparency.

Transparency is what allows us to communicate the entire project in a conscious manner, knowing the regulations, respecting the rules that underlie the correct implementation of what we call sustainability today.

Only with this kind of focus we can all paddle in the right direction together.



The research phase is fundamental.

Research means evaluating the best alternatives in terms of raw materials and established and certified commercial partners in the supply chain.

It also means taking on the burden of evaluating the proposed solutions and verifying that your design is actually compatible with the production processes.


Here with Nemori, we like to talk about sustainability and do it concretely.

When you read on our website about products labeled GRS (Global Recycled Standard) or Oeko-Tex | Standard 100 means that this aspect has been thought out, engineered and the raw materials have been chosen with our health and that of our planet at heart.

We have particularly chosen partners with these certifications where possible and this makes us very proud.

Continuous Improvement

In our team, continuous improvement is achieved through an objective measurement of the quality of our projects. We compare ourselves both internally and constantly with other companies and professionals. Continuous improvement is also achieved through continuous training that can constantly keep us up to date. Only in this way can we guarantee that we have a mind free from prejudices and push towards innovation and quality.

Our partner certification

Learn more

Below are the main links to learn more about how the fibers are made and the checks carried out on the raw materials chosen with our partners:

Let's think about what's next

The roots of our vision

One of our prerogatives has been to commit ourselves to thinking right from the design phases of our products, including what comes next.

And then to the reuse phases of what remains of the product and our packaging.

Product Lifecycle

We believe it is of fundamental importance to think about the entire production chain, transport, but also the entire life cycle of our products.

What's next

For this reason, each product or collection is accompanied by a specific technical data sheet which identifies all the characteristics of the raw material used.

In this section, however, it is possible to download the complete technical data sheet of the packaging we use, mostly deriving from recycled material and a controlled supply chain.